How to Raise Your Consciousness

The word conscious relates to being aware, of yourself, the people who interact with you, and your surroundings. When we talk of raising our consciousness, we literally mean that we must get out of the autopilot mode that most of us seem to have drifted into over the course of our lives and become more aware of our thoughts and actions. With awareness comes knowledge; with knowledge the chance of errors decreases; and without errors, you’re able to lead a trouble-free and stress-free life. So how do you go about raising the level of your consciousness?

  • Want to do so: No one can force you to raise your consciousness; you must want to do so of your own accord. Only then does the process work as it should. Once you decide that you want to raise the level of your consciousness, you start to become more aware of your thoughts and actions – you stop yourself from thinking negatively and start to nudge your mind in a positive direction. When you feel yourself do this, it’s a sure sign that you’ve started the process of becoming more conscious.
  • Think before you act: People who are conscious do not act on instinct – they think through the consequences and effects of their actions before they carry them out. They know how their actions will affect them and the people around them. And because of this, they abstain from doing things that bring harm or hurt other people.
  • Consider other people’s emotions and feelings: When you raise your level of consciousness, you start to think more about others and less about yourself. You feel their emotions and pain and act accordingly. Also, you’re more aware of your surroundings and are more inclined to behave responsibly towards the environment and work towards preventing its degradation.
  • Discover your spiritual side: And finally, when your consciousness is raised, you become closer to God. You learn to trust Him more and you believe that following the path he has shown will make your life more successful and fulfilling. You become less materialistic and are able to renounce things that hinder your closeness to God.

It’s never too late to start raising your consciousness, and the first and biggest step is to really want to do so. Once you’ve set the trigger in motion, it’s easy enough to go the whole way.