50 Phenomenal Blogs on Health and Human Services

Climate change, natural disasters, pandemics and community-building are hot topics of conversation, both face-to-face and in the media. Health and human services resources blogs can help readers sort out the details and support provided for the larger issues as well as smaller concerns. The following list of 50 phenomenal blogs on health and human services focus on specific diseases and disabilities such as the flu, AIDS and HIV prevention. Other blogs cover broader subjects such as disaster preparedness and preventive health through nutrition and education. The following blogs are filled with current information about topics that address both the health professional and the general public.

Disease and Disability Blogs

Kathleen Sebelius

  1. A Chronic Dose: Laurie Edwards wrote the book, Life Disrupted, and is one of 125 million Americans who have a chronic illness.
  2. AIDS.gov: This blog documents the large number of Federal agencies and programs that are engaged in HIV/AIDS prevention, testing, treatment, policy, and research efforts.
  3. Disability Blog: This blog helps to connect people with disabilities, their family members, Veterans, caregivers, employers, service providers and others with the resources they need.
  4. Flu.gov Blog: Flu.gov provides comprehensive government-wide information on seasonal, H1N1 (swine), H5N1 (bird) and pandemic influenza.
  5. Health Protection Perspectives: This is an NCHHSTP leadership blog about HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention.
  6. HIV Prevention Justice: The HIV Prevention Justice Alliance (HIV PJA) is a network of organizations advocating for effective and just HIV prevention policies for the United States.
  7. Medical Colleges & Universities Roundtable: A collective blog to foster greater collaboration on health disparities and related workforce development issues.
  8. NIAID Funding Blog: The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases explores funding, policy, and other topics for NIAID’s extramural research community.
  9. Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease: PFCD is a coalition of patients, providers, communities, businesses and labor groups and health policy experts all committed to raising awareness about chronic disease.
  10. Preventing Chronic Disease Dialogue: This blog encourages dialogue among chronic disease prevention, researchers, practitioners and advocates.

Food and Nutrition Blogs


  1. Baptist Health Food & Nutrition: This blog covers all the food and nutrition information available from Baptist Hospital’s online library.
  2. Egg Nutrition Center’s Nutrition Unscrambled: Nutrition Unscrambled is written by nutrition experts with the Egg Nutrition Center, which is funded by the American Egg Board.
  3. FDA Transparency Blog: The purpose of this Transparency Blog is to discuss various ways in which the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) could provide information to the public.
  4. Food Insight Blog: The International Food Information Council Foundation is dedicated to the mission of effectively communicating science-based information on health, nutrition and food safety for the public good.
  5. Food Safety Blog: Practical information and tips from the federal experts to help you and your family stay food safe.
  6. HealthyKidsMo Blog: Follow news and discussion for the Missouri Coordinated School Health Coalition.
  7. Nutrition.gov: This blog provides easy access to the best food and nutrition information from across the federal government.
  8. The Hunger and Undernutrition Blog: Nabeeha Kazi Hutchins is Managing Director of Humanitas Global Development, an international development consulting firm based in Washington, DC.
  9. The Water Filter Lady’s Blog: Read about questions, answers and information regarding safe drinking water and environmental issues and concerns.
  10. UNL Food: Food, Nutrition and Health: The University of Nebraska–Lincoln Extension FOOD website connects you to information, resources and food experts about food from farm to fork.

Health Blogs


  1. Be Active Your Way Blog: The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services created this blog to teach physical activity.
  2. Genetic Diversity and Health: This blog provides a forum for commentary and perspectives on issues relating to the mission and research currently being carried out at the Center for Research on Genomics and Global Health.
  3. Health Care Notes: Find out which private insurance plans, public programs and community services are available to you and to your community.
  4. IHS Director’s Corner: Dr. Yvette Roubideaux leads the discussion on this Indian Health Service blog for American Indians and Alaska Natives.
  5. Injury Center: Director’s View Blog: The purpose of this blog is to foster public discussion about injury and violence prevention and response.
  6. Open HHS Blog: Chief Technology Officer, Todd Park, writes about harnessing the power of data, technology and innovation to improve the health and welfare of the nation.
  7. OrganizedWisdom Blog: Get news and updates from OrganizedWisdom Health.
  8. Public Health Matters Blog: The CDC shares their stories on preparing for and responding to public health events.
  9. Safe Healthcare: This blog is hosted by the CDC’s division of Healthcare Quality Promotion.
  10. The Medicare Blog: This is the official blog for the U.S. Medicare program.

State and Local Blogs

Explore Health

  1. Ability Chicago Info Blog: This blog is a source for people with disabilities in the Chicago area.
  2. AZ Dept. of Health Services Director’s Blog: The Arizona Department of Health Services’ mission is to set the standard for personal and community health through direct care, science, public policy, and leadership.
  3. Commonwealth Conversations Health and Human Services: Massachusetts government offers a way to share ideas to promote health and to deliver human services.
  4. HHS Network CA Blog: This is the official blog of the Health and Human Service Network of California.
  5. Michigan League for Human Services: The League works to identify and help solve basic health and social welfare problems through research and analysis, information dissemination and advocacy.
  6. School of Health and Human Services Blog: This is the SHHS blog out of National University.
  7. Shirley Szekeres’ Blog: Founded in 1924, Nazareth College is carries professional programs in health and human services, education, and management.

Media and New Media Blogs

    1. Health Out Loud: This blog is devoted to the idea of discussing best practices and questions about health communication, social marketing and health marketing.
    2. Health and Human Services: This The New York Times‘ Prescription blog tracks the health care debate as it unfolds.

Health Elearning

  • Health IT Buzz: This blog is a service of HHS’s (Health and Human Services) Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC).
  • Health Privacy: The Center for Democracy & Technology provides a blog that focuses on practical and innovative solutions to public policy challenges.
  • HHS Center for New Media: The mission of the HHS Center for New Media is to promote and support the strategic implementation of new media across the Department.
  • State and Local Connections: A portal for SAS, with blogs concerned about health and human services, data and information addressed to states and cities.


Other Blogs

  1. Commissioner’s Voice: This blog contains a reprint of the monthly column by the Commissioner of the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement from the online Child Support Report.
  2. Health Affairs: These blogs belong to the leading journal of health policy thought and research.
  3. Health Reform.gov: The new health insurance reform law will give families the relief they need from skyrocketing health insurance costs, and will ensure Americans have secure, stable, affordable health insurance.
  4. National Service Blog: This initiative aims to both expand the impact of existing organizations by engaging new volunteers in their work and encourage volunteers to develop their own “do-it-yourself” projects.
  5. Prepared Citizens: This blog reinforces healthy and caring relationships within communities, with the hope of alleviating hunger, relieving isolation and fear and building post-pandemic resiliency.
  6. SAMHSA Dialogue Blog: The SAMHSA Dialogue Blog is a place where up-to-date information including articles from SAMHSA staff, announcements of new programs, links to reports, grant opportunities, and ways to connect to other resources are located.
  7. The Arc Blog: The Arc’s mission is to promote and protect the human rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.