25 Exciting Career Opportunities in Human Services

When studying for a human services degree, it is important to know what the ultimate goal is. There are many career paths out there to choose from, and knowing what they are can be just as important as choosing which you would like to pursue further.

To help, we have gathered more information on 25 exciting career opportunities in human services. They include a few traditional options, as well as a few that are a ways off from the normal path one thinks of when discussing human services.

Exciting General Career Opportunities in Human Services

These careers are often thought of when discussing human services.

  1. Social Work
    Social workers help clients of all ages and a range of settings. Often working for the government, they can work with everyone from individuals to families. Liz is such a social worker and features this blog for those who are working in or would like to work in the field.
  2. Social Work Assistant
    This career is often a stepping stone in becoming the above. They help social workers, healthcare workers, and other professionals to provide services to people. A certificate or associate’s degree is often required for this type of work.
  3. Case Manager
    Work with cases in all aspects of social need in this career. Workers often take on cases to see how best to aid the individual or family in need. There is also a American Academy of Case Management that has more on the career in their blog.
  4. Community Worker
    Work in a specific part of the community to better it in this job. This can include everything from cleaning parks to caring for the sick. This particular site is for community health workers in Texas.
  5. Outreach Worker
    As the title suggests, work as part of an outreach program in this job. The career can include taking on new cases, conducting activities, checking program eligibility, and more. This specific job opening was for an outreach worker in Oregon.
  6. Volunteer Coordinator
    Have loads of volunteers for your project but no one to organize them? Then check out the responsibilities of this career. They meet with both paid and non-paid staff to assess an organization’s needs and determine the best way to meet them.
  7. Volunteer
    It may not be the best paying job, but many who seek a career in human services often have or need some kind of volunteer work on their resume. Check out the Volunteer Spot blog for ideas on everything in volunteering.
  8. Community Organizer
    This career path was made famous by President Barack Obama. The community organizer often works with various business, non-profits, and organizations to make a community better. Check out the Community Organizer 2.0 blog by Debra Askanase, an actual community organizer, with more on the job.

Exciting Specialty Career Opportunities in Human Services

These career opportunities often focus on a specific area of human services.

  1. Child Welfare
    Work with teens, children, and young people of all ages in this human service job. This often involves working with parents, grandparents, and other caretakers. The National Association of Social Workers has more on the career.
  2. Rehabilitation Counselor
    These professionals often work with those who have a substance abuse problem. Counseling them, getting them to support groups, and other related tasks are often associated with the job. This blog is authored by three such counselors at The Canyon.
  3. Public Health Worker
    Public health workers are charged with the big job of making sure the residents of a city are informed about and protected against health risks. Knowing and staying on top of the latest health news is often a must. No license is required to inform the public on health matters.
  4. School Counselor
    Work with students from kindergarten all the way up to the college years in this career. School counselors can help students adjust to school life, prepare for higher education, and much more. Danielle is such a counselor and has tons of useful stuff for the profession on her blog.
  5. Probation Officer
    This career also involves counseling those in the middle of a major transfer. However, it entails working with those who were incarcerated and are newly freed. A degree in social work or other area is required along with experience or passing a certified training program.
  6. Mental Health Social Worker
    The work can literally involve just about every aspect of mental health as it relates to social work. This can include helping those with depilating mental illness to family counseling. The blogger at Mental Health Social Worker has more on the work and news in the industry.
  7. Adult Education
    Work as a teacher with grown students in this job. Because these are not K-12 schools or colleges, many of teachers in adult education are required to have a degree and a desire to teach but not a license. They can also work in the field of continuing education.
  8. Clinical Social Worker
    They work with people with diseases in order to help council them through it. They are considered mental health social workers and can work all across the country and world. There is even a Clinical Social Work Association with more on the career.

Other Exciting Career Opportunities in Human Services

These career opportunities are not often thought of in the traditional realm of human services.

  1. Clergy
    They conduct religious worship and perform other spiritual tasks associated with the specific church they work in. Clergy can often be asked to have a degree in social work or related area. The folks at Payscale have tons more information on the job.
  2. Urban Planner
    They develop long- and short-term plans for the use of land and the growth and revitalization of urban, suburban, and rural communities and the region in which they are located. Those with a background in social work often promote the best use of the land for community purposes. This work often involves a master’s degree and training in design, environmental planning, or geography.
  3. Disability Case Manager
    They work with people with disabilities in order to maintain their mental and physical health. This involves assessing those at risk of becoming disabled, those who are disabled, and those who are returning to the work force. The blogger at My Canadian Dream has more on what the job does.
  4. Senior Social Worker
    Work with senior citizens as part of this career path in human services. Getting a master’s degree and supervised experience in the field is often a requirement. This type of job can be found in hospitals, nursing homes, agency, and other organizations.
  5. Veterans Advocate
    Use your human services training to work on behalf of our fighting men and women. Advocates help veterans obtain assistance, get medical care, counseling, and any other service needed. In fact, this legal services program has a specialty course to help train those working in veteran’s advocacy.
  6. Environmental Social Work
    See how green practices and social work combine in this career. A relatively new choice, social workers can be asked to work locally or abroad. In fact, this site has more on an environmental social work volunteer program overseas.
  7. Social Work Researcher
    Research the fundamental and applicable aspects of social work in this career. It is centered on the research involving social work to promote human welfare. The Society for Social Work and Research does just that, and you can learn more here.
  8. Life Coach
    If you like working with people to help them become their best, check out this career path. A degree or license/certification is not necessary. Tim Brownson is a life coach and shares all about it, as well as invaluable tips in his blog.
  9. Stress Therapist
    Deal with stress in your own life and those of others as a profession. Cheri Augustine Flake is a licensed clinical social worker who works as a stress therapist. Check out her blog and site for more on the topic.

And the above 25 exciting career opportunities in human service are just a few of the options available. Be sure and research the career(s) of your choice further when beginning or completing studies.