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Human services deals with identifying, correcting, and eventually preventing problematic occurrences as well as improving the quality of life. Human services workers develop a strong sense of patience, empathy, and willingness to help others which plays an integral role in their daily tasks. To get you started, we have listed several Sponsored Schools with online degrees with links so you can get more information.
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Purdue University – Purdue offers several online degree programs in Human Services including: BS in Human Services, MS in Human Services, BSHS in Child & Family Welfare, and a Human Services Certificate. These programs are designed to prepare students with both the knowledge and skills necessary for a career in a wide variety of helping professions.
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Indiana Weslayan University – Indiana Weslayan University offers online degree programs in Human Services including a BS in Human Services. Courses provide a biblical understanding of advocacy to enhance service delivery, management and social change through their work in human service organizations.
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Colorado State University – Colorado State University offers several online degree programs in Human Services including: BS in Human Services. This program teaches you the strategies and techniques of intervention and good management practices for intervention along with leadership and planning skills.
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Rasmussen College – Rasmussen College offers an online degree program AAS in Human Services. This program gives you the academic and hands-on experience that you need to work in a non-licensed, service-oriented career. You will learn how to provide services to individuals or groups of people with diverse problems. Courses include: Organization and Leadership and Community Psychology.
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Ashford University – Ashford University offers online degrees in Human Services such as; BA in Health & Human Services and BA in Human Services Leadership. The program for the BA in Health and Human Services includes a specialization in Long-Term Care. Instructors with both advanced degrees and real-world experience teach the courses in the programs. Ashford University is accredited by WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC), 985 Atlantic Av. Ste. 100, Alameda, CA 94501.
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Walden University – Walden University offers several online degree programs in Human Services including: PhD in Human Services, PhD/HS: Family Studies, PhD/HS: Policy Analysis, and PhD/HS: Self-Designed. These programs allow students to learn through a course-based or a self-directed model. Specializations include: Clinical Social Work, Counseling, Criminal Justice, Public Health, and Family Studies.
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What types of human services degrees/programs exist and what are they called?

A human services degree prepares students for a career working with the public as an aide to detectives, doctors, social workers and any position that regularly works with the public during trying times.

Bachelor of Professional Arts – Human Services (BPAHS.)

Human services online degree rankings?

There’s no official source for ranking human services degree programs. Online schools are growing, but the best way to gauge how valid a program is is to check the accreditation sources for the program. The program should be accredited by a regional or national organization and a list of accredited college programs can be viewed at this site. This is the most significant part of finding a program that will be worth your effort and money after completing your degree. Ask your school advisor which organization accredits the program you’re looking into. Not all colleges are accredited in every department, so it is best to ask all questions up front before registering or making a down payment on tuition.

Beyond accreditation, you want to ask about what resources the school has to set students up with internships and career opportunities. Some programs have networking opportunities that can lead to a permanent position in human services after graduating. While some schools leave this in the hands of the students, others have extensive career fairs and mentor programs that can prepare you for a job. A program that has these resources will be beneficial and shows that the school takes an active role in setting up students with a career path.

Transferring human services degree school credits

Transferring human services degree school credits is fairly easy throughout the course of the degree. During the first two years of studying for a human services degree, most schools require general courses. These credits are easily transferrable through schools that are accredited by the same regional or national organization. Outside of the same accreditation organization, transferring human services degree credits is still a simple process. Some schools do put a cap on how many incoming credits they will accept, so it’s important to consult a school advisor at your potential school to ensure you are making the right decision. With online courses, you can continue to take classes despite moving jobs or residences, so never feel you have to transfer schools because you’ll be in a new location.

If you plan on specializing in an area such as working with children or recovery patients, it can be more difficult to transfer credits after the first half of your degree is completed. An online degree in human services means you can work at your own pace. If an issue arises that causes you to stop your studies, you can also return to online courses when you’re ready to dedicate time to school. Online degrees offer flexibility, giving you the chance to take your career to the next level and improve your earning potential without struggling to fit in traditional classes.

Things to consider before getting an online human services degree

Make sure you have the time to commit to an online human services degree. While it is a new way of going to school, it requires as much time and dedication to studying as a traditional degree. There are no shortcuts, so it’s important to access your schedule with work or family and take on courses that you can keep up with. If you are returning to school for the first time in years, it’s a wise idea to start with one or two classes. If school is your commitment, a full course load is acceptable, but starting off slowly gives you the chance to get comfortable with studying, keeping up with lectures and preparing for exams. It is better to start of small and gain momentum in your education than to take too many courses and waste money because you can’t handle the work in conjunction with your other commitments.

Consider the cost. This is why finding an accredited online human services degree is important. Most students do not have money to waste. Though an online degree is comparable in costs to a traditional college degree, most programs allow students to make payments on tuition throughout the semester or school year. This gives you the opportunity to budget your expenses. Consult a school advisor to get a solid total for what your program will cost.

Be a people person. Working in human services means just that – you’ll be working with many people. These people aren’t likely to be in the best place in their lives and are usually struggling. You have to have an open mind, be non-judgmental and compassionate towards those who are dealing with difficult situations. A degree in human services can lead to a position that is emotionally tiring, so it’s important to stay healthy. Not getting enough rest or eating poorly can lead to you being irritated more easily, which isn’t beneficial for someone working in human services.

What sort of career can someone with a human services degree have?

Mental health clinician – This is a position that involves working with mental health patients without having a PhD. You do not diagnose patients, but instead have them under your care as they work through therapy or are committed to an institute.

Employment specialist – In this position, you help those who are unemployed or looking for a career change access their resume and work experience during the job hunt. You are usually employed by a non-profit organization or the government. In other cases, you may work for a company in the recruitment department.

What are the average salaries of a person with a human services degree?

Mental health clinician – Those working as a mental health clinician earn an average of $38,000 per year. This can be more or less depending on where you’re employed and the size of city in which you work. Those working for a large clinic at a university in a big city can earn well above the average, while those working in a rural clinic will typically earn less. Though many rehab centers are in rural areas, the earning potential is substantial since these are private facilities.

Employment specialist – The average salary for an employment specialist is $42,000 per year. This can increase substantially if you are employed by a large corporation and work as a headhunter, finding the best of the best for high powered jobs like top law firms or hedge funds. Source

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